Our Mission

Giving college students the ability to do more in their free time

Our Plan

To provide a system where people can easily find more things to do

Our Vision

To give everyone the ability to have a good time


Ventful helps you make, attend, and join events easy with a plethora of well integrated, real-time services

In-App Ticketing

Upon attending an event, find your ticket within the app. Simply attend the event and have the host scan the QR code to get in!

Data Analytics

Want to throw better events? Ventful provides hosts with analytics to see who is attending their events, money made from the event, and the times people have arrived.


Plan your day within the app. Ventful gives users the ability to attend events, get directions to the event, and even find an Uber to take you there!

See Who's There Now

Check if your friend has arrived at the party yet and get notified when they arrive!

Ghost Mode

Don't want other attendees knowing you're attending? Turn on ghost mode to keep your identity a secret.

Live Chat

Need a blanket at a concert or want to ask about the birthday details? Live chat has you covered.

Try Ventful

Never Stress Hosting or Finding Events Again! Experience Ventful's Today.


How much better we are

The numbers don't lie.



Collin Edwards

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle Steigerwalt

Chief Operations Officer

Henry Mayo

Chief Technology Officer

Matthew McMullan

Chief Marketing Officer

Ravyn Galimore

Lead Design

Tristen Hooks

Videography & Design

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Clemson, USA

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+1 5589 55488 55

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